Hi, I’m Sherie Smith, Master Idea Coach and Business Strategist, 

Have you ever thought about creating your DREAM LIFESTYLE and INCOME?  I felt that way at the end of 2008.  To be honest, was desperate for a new beginning!

I believe everyone has “awesomeness” inside of them.  They just can’t see it!  It’s not that  they aren’t talented or creative or savvy, they just have bad eyesight when they look in the mirror.  That’s where I come in!  I have better than 20×20 vision where others are concerned.  I can see talent and expertise and opportunities they could never imagine for themselves!

You see, my mind never stops creating Ideas! I LOVE it when those ideas help people find their hidden talent or expertise, find their new direction and create a lifestyle that is perfect for them.  Working with others has become my way of “giving back” since 2008. 


The joy I receive has been far greater than I could have imagined.  This undeniable drive to help women find their entrepreneurial sweet spot is my “passion dream.”  I nearly lost everything in October of 2008;  the use of my left hand, my father only barely survived a life-threatening form of pneumonia and my mother needed 5 surgeries in 4 weeks to survive kidney cancer. 

And if that wasn’t enough of a hit to our family, I lost my 23-year commercial appraisal career with the October 2008 real estate market crash.  I was devastated beyond anything I had ever known before.  After experiencing these four life-changing traumas in just one month’s time, I began to spiral down into an overwhelming depression, something that had never happened before.  

But I took control of my personal and professional life with the help of a power far greater than mine.  I am blessed and humbled by all that God, Spirit or Universe (whichever you prefer) has done for me.  My natural analytical and problem solving abilities helped me create a new Dream Lifestyle.  

Losing my 23-year career was the best thing that could have happened, because I was too afraid to pursue anything else before.  We had significant financial and family responsibilities.  There was just no way we could function without both incomes, or so we thought.  My husband and I found that when you are in the right place, the perfect place for YOU, using your natural gifts and talents, Joy and Purpose abound and finances seem to work out magically!  

Tell me…   Is there something you have dreamed of doing but kept putting it off?  Or do you have trouble finding the value and talent within yourself? Are you struggling, looking for something less stressful?  Would you like more free time but have no interest in multi-level marketing? 

Then you need to talk with me and you are in luck!  Right now, as we enter the new year,  I’m offering a few 30-minute consultations FREE each month… that is, if you reach out to me quickly.  Soon we’ll be dealing with Easter holiday and the tax season, then summertime and family vacations, then back to school shopping and then Thanksgiving and Christmas.



I LOVE showing others how to rebuild themselves after setbacks, create multiple income streams from their own passion or talent, rebound from depression using the power of the mind instead of medications and showing both men and women that DREAMS DO COME TRUE! It’s never too late to bet on yourself!



We’ll talk about your goals and dreams and what issues you’re struggling with currently. 

I’ll tell you honestly if I’m able to help guide your journey. 

To claim your FREE 30-MINUTE LASER CALL, just CLICK HERE  


Sherie Smith, Master Idea Coach

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