7 Keys To Starting Over Again At Any Age

Something came along and blind-sided you, knocked you to your knees and left you without breath, without hope and without any self-respect.  So you’re tired of being down and out, lost and floundering and now you’re ready to get back on your feet! You are finally ready to pick yourself up from whatever it is that’s put a good “stomping on you” as we say down South.

Before you can start over though, you must start building self esteem and creating your new sense of self worth. Now this is just a setback, albeit extremely painful, and the rough time you’re going through is just that – TEMPORARY!   But the question is – How long will you be down there at rock-bottom?  Well, that’s up to YOU!

But I will tell you this – you can’t start over if you are still in fear, sadness, disappointment, disillusionment, anger and wallowing in self-abuse!

So, if you’ve had enough of all that trash, then you’re ready to start rebuilding everything you have lost and gaining so much more.

Quite simply, you get back up again by –

  1. pull the brim of your hat down good and tight,
  2. rise to your feet even if you seem a little wobbly and
  3. shout at the top of your lungs – “ENOUGH!  I’ve had enough! I’m ready to take control of my life again and change it to the Life I want, the Life I dream of for myself and my family!”

In order to change your circumstances, you must recognize where you are now and how you got there.  Now first come all these feelings associated with your emotional situation – shame, anger, perhaps embarrassment?  You feel like a failure, whether your current situation is your fault or not. All you want to do is sit in the dark and pull a blanket over your eyes. The daylight is like a spotlight that says, “There she is… the fool, the failure, the idiot, the loser.”

Only when you get to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired are you actually in the right frame of mind to start over again. You need to turn that pity party and anger tantrum into a positive motivation, into a controlled determination, like when you’re training for a marathon.

One day when you look in the mirror you’ll catch a tiny glimpse of a sparkle. It’s the small shimmer of the life that used to live in your eyes a long time ago and has been lost for awhile now.  Next you feel something tingle along your spine. You aren’t quite sure what it is, but you seem to be standing a bit taller and you noticed today that you weren’t looking at the ground as usual.  But you were actually holding your head up higher. You are actually looking at the world around you again.  You are looking to see what is happening out there.  That’s a great sign!

It’s then that you realize something has changed. You’ve stopped licking your wounds and have finally found your backbone again. Now you’re ready… but where do you begin?


First you need to acknowledge what brought you to this point.  Divorce? Job loss? Infidelity? Health issues? Financial problems? It won’t be pretty but staring that reality down is your first step. It doesn’t matter if your situation is of your own making or if you are a victim of circumstances, timing or conditions.  It’s like an alcoholic finally admitting he or she has a problem. Initially you are in so much pain you can’t face it so this is your first task. Acknowledge emotionally that you did undergo a traumatic experience. But just because it happened does not mean it can keep you anchored down. That’s the good news, it’s just a temporary stumbling block. So Acknowledgement is step one!


Years ago I was an entertainer and I wrote press releases for myself and other entertainers. Now writing a press release for someone is done by bragging about all of their virtues, talents, accomplishments and then sharing an announcement.  The tricky part is when you must write a press release about yourself. So I want you to pretend you are writing a press release for yourself.

Grab paper and pen and look at yourself as if you were someone else. Look at you as if you are outside of your body. Analyze ‘you’ like a potential employer might look at you. Take note of your strengths and your talents. Write them down. Think back to every joy you’ve had and write down what you were good at doing.  Think about things you have volunteered for during the past and write those skills and accomplishments down.  Think about your personality and all of your good attributes and write those down.  Now start celebrating them.  Make a mental note of your good qualities and your assets, what you are experienced in and can contribute to the world around you. One of the symptoms of being kicked to the curb is that you close your eyes emotionally so you don’t see anyone else and they don’t see you either.

But now I want you to focus on these positive characteristics, attributes or natural-born gifts that you have closed your eyes to for so long.  These positive factors will now become the concrete foundation to get your “drive” back and to give you back the balance you will need along the journey.


Decide how you will proceed from here. What is it that you want? Where do you want to be? How will you get it? Start brainstorming ideas and write them down.  Then select the ones you feel the best about.  But how will you turn that idea into an income stream?  Or better yet, multiple income streams(Note:  Remember, Sherie offers a free brainstorming call so be sure to check out the Free Consultation tab up in the menu.)


You can’t take this step lightly. It is the fuel that actually propels you forward. You must be more determined over this than anything else you’ve done in your life. Your commitment to pull out of this tough spot must be strong and true. The spot you are in now is like quicksand, holding you at it’s mercy so you must be fired up for change.  You must be relentlessly committed to complete this journey.  Tell yourself every day that you CAN do this, that you WILL do this. Find several strong affirmations to read aloud every day.


The fifth step is having an attitude of thankfulness. It will heal your body, soul and mind of this sad time you’re working hard to get over. Find several things to be thankful for every day. Write them down in a journal and read what you’re thankful for out loud. Add a comment of why you are thankful for those things. Soon, you’ll find your state of thankfulness has become a habit without you even trying to make it so. It will be infectious and rub off on others around you. You will wear an air of positive energy that will go with you through the day. That energy will attract more positive energy from the universe to come and heap blessings upon you.


It’s time to show your gratitude and give back to society however you can. It may be a financial gift, merchandise or supplies, or even a gift of time as a volunteer, cook, bookkeeper, consultant, handyman, sitter or maybe driver.  The point is to show your appreciation and thankfulness however possible and whenever the possibility presents itself.  Do NOT hesitate.  If you hesitate, your blessings may turn aside and go elsewhere and you don’t want that.  Giving is invaluable, and it is the finishing touch that locks all the good that is coming to you into place.   You’ll be amazed how your unselfish and generous gifts will be returned to you, in ways you’d never have imagined before.  So do not hesitate and do not forget!  Giving back is the key to your new success!  The bigger the giving is, the bigger your successes so THINK BIG!


My friend, entrepreneur and business woman, Marnie Pehrson once said “Laced within our difficulties are some of the sweetest treasures life can bring…IF we look for them.”

Do not dwell on the trauma that is past.  Instead, look to the road ahead with enthusiasm and excitement. Look ahead with appreciation.  You are becoming a new creature, rising like a phoenix from the ashes.   You are stronger and more enlightened to your talents and strengths than ever before.

So now it’s time to EXPECT YOUR NEW LIFE, new opportunities and new blessings!  Expect them with open eyes because you never know who, what or where your blessing will come from.  Expect with an open mind because YOUR vision may be e small but GOD’S vision is HUGE, MIGHTY, AMAZING!  Expect them with an open heart because when you open your heart, you never know how far that heart can reach as it blesses others!

So it’s time to Survive the setback and initial shock, Succeed with confidence toward financial independence and Soar to new heights of happiness by sharing these 7 steps and your journey with others who are struggling!

“You may not believe in yourself right now, but I believe in YOU!”

Just remember –

1 – Acknowledge

2 – Analyze

3 – Strategize

4 – Affirm

5 – Appreciate

6 – Give

7 – Anticipate

 You can do this, I KNOW YOU CAN!

To your rebirth, recreation and new road to success,

SherieJan2015SuperMiniSherie Smith