Determination In A Beautiful Package

Today I want to share a experience with you that involves a friend of mine named Marnie Pehrson.  I first met Marnie in February of 2012 at a large business conference in Atlanta.  Immediately I was struck by her spirituality, but I was puzzled by what I mistakenly thought was aloofness.  Oh how wrong I turned out to be, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

This lady was so cool – it’s the only way I can describe it. Being the quiet and shy sort myself, each time I saw her throughout the 3-day event, I held back and never introduced myself.  I know NOW, that was MY LOSS.

Marnie is a business woman, a mother of (get this)  6 children!!!  She’s also a best selling author and online publisher, as well as a coach and public speaker.  But MOST of all, she’s a spiritual woman, as I believe I am also. Everyone loves Marnie so I knew then that the problem was really me. What I thought was aloofness was something else entirely.  I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  If she was really aloof, people would not love being around her, learning from her, listening to those little ‘goodies’ of wisdom she always sharing.

Fast forward six months and I ran into Marnie again.  Same Marnie, still popular, still cool and poised and still…aloof? I was bolder on this trip though, more comfortable at this event since it was my second time.  I was feeling more confident and even a bit courageous.  So I made a point of speaking to Marnie on the LAST day of the event. (Yea, I was real brave, wasn’t I, waiting until the last day!)

What an idiot I had been.  I consider myself to be spiritual, as I’ve already said, and I’m comfortable with my Christianity.  My track record is that I usually have better than average instincts about people, a second sense if you want to call it that.  So I was taken back to learn I had misread Marnie so badly.

What I thought was aloofness at our first meeting, I know now is just a quiet and calm peace that comes from her deep spirituality.  She is confident and poised, knowing she is exactly where she is supposed to be at that time and walking the path God has for her on any one particular day.

When you know that for certain, it can make a huge difference on,

  • how you act,
  • what you get done,
  • who you can have an impact upon and
  • your overall confidence and peace of mind

I definitely stepped outside of my own personal comfort zone to speak with Marnie that day.  It took me six months to learn something I could easily have learned that first meeting.  Marnie Pehrson was gracious and warm to this total stranger, so much so that after that one conversation, I now consider her a friend and I would not hesitate in the least to call her if needed.

This morning I ran across an interview of Marnie.  It’s a tad long (7 minutes) but am I glad I decided to listen. At about 4 minutes 20 seconds, I learned just how strong Marnie’s DETERMINATION really is when she knows she’s doing what God wants her to do at that moment. I tell you, this lady is BRAVE and FEARLESS

Here’s the video – listen closely starting about 4 minutes 20 seconds to learn what true Determination is.  I promise this will raise your eyebrows!

We all find excuses when things are not convenient or we just plain don’t want to do something. “It’s raining, I didn’t get enough sleep last night, my child is sick…” Do YOU make excuses in your own life?  I know I do.  I think most of us do. I think it’s just human nature. Maybe it’s because we aren’t SURE that we are where God wants us to be right then.

Marnie has a theory on how to deal with problems that I want to share.  If you’re on this website, I know you are probably dealing with setbacks of some kind and struggling to get back on your feet. The next time you’re faced with a problem, instead of sticking your head in the sand and just praying the problem will go away, try this:

  • turn and access the problem
  • look at it, face it
  • take the problem head on
  • then you can find solutions

Marnie says, “Face your problems head on, that’s what Heroes do!”

Next time, I hope I can force myself to look past the ‘first glance’ impression.  You know,  it’s like wiping off the bathroom mirror when you step out of the shower.  Although the mirror is foggy, you can still pretty much make out the image in the mirror.  But if you take the time and effort to clear the fog from the mirror, just look at the magnificent image you can see clearly then.  If I had done that the first time I ran into Marnie, my life would have been so much richer by getting to know her six months earlier.  Don’t make the same timid mistake that I did.  To understand the true loss of NOT knowing Marnie for those six months, you just have to visit her website and see for yourself the Determination this woman has for enriching and blessing the lives of other. (Thanks, Marnie, for sharing your “flood waters” story and teaching us about real-life Determination.)  To learn more about Marnie Pehrson, check out

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To your rebirth, recreation and your new success!

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