Live Your Dreams

BAM!!!  So you’ve graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and you’ve now discovered that sometimes LIFE SUCKS!  Is this your time to make a change?  Tired of watching everyone else around you end up happier, better off, more fulfilled or just plain luckier than you?  Feel like you’re just getting by…  living a mediocre existence? 

Well, guess what….Sometimes, Life Does Suck! So what are you going to do about it?  Part of living a “successful” life is waking up from your zombie-like sleep, taking that first “action step” and deciding to make YOUR LIFE WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE!

  • Maybe all those lucky dudes around you actually took a chance in the past!
  • Maybe they worked harder than you’re working!
  • Maybe they pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones!
  • Maybe they studied what was working and what wasn’t working for others!
  • Maybe they reached deep inside to find courage enough to believe dreams can come true!
  • Maybe they decided to take a positive step towards change!
  • Maybe they made a determined commitment to shoot for their star, one goal at a time!

You see, nothing is impossible! We all heard growing up “You can do anything you put your mind to!”   So when did you decide to put your tail between your legs and slink away to the sidelines?  Or maybe you weren’t even “IN THE GAME” to begin with – maybe you’ve just been LETTING LIFE HAPPEN!

Recently I was in a music store buying a new instrument that I’d been wanting to purchase for many years.  Years ago, (in another life), I was a professional entertainer and performed for national conventions on the Florida West Coast.  I’ve been out of professional entertaining for many years, by choice.  LOL  I’ve kept my most favorite instruments and let the others go over the years.  This was my “Hello-New-Year-Here-I-Come” present to myself.

The young guy that waited on me was in his late 20’s and I told him buying this mandolin had been on my bucket list for years.  We laughed and I said, “But you’re too young to understand a bucket list”.  He told me he’d already checked off a few things he wanted to do in life. WOW! I was so impressed by this young man.  So young, yet he’s thinking ahead,  striving for all there is in life.  Striving… no!  Reaching out and grabbing for that next star out there ahead of him.

It struck me that this young fella was taking life by the horns so early, and you know what?  By the time he’s in his 60’s or 70’s, he’ll probably have most of his bucket list already checked off.  You see, young or not, he already understands the importance of goals and dreaming dreams with a determination to achieve them!  That’s right, not just dream about them with longing but no match under the kindling wood.  I want to repeat that…it’s pretty important – “He’s already dreaming dreams with a determination to achieve them!”

What about you?  Your goals and dreams for your life?  Chances are, the only thing keeping you from reaching those goals…is YOU!  I know you’ve heard that one.

A time comes in every person’s life when we need to sit down and rethink our goals. Is this YOUR turn NOW?

Every person dreams, but not everyone can set a realistically to set out after their dreams.  Dreams can be HUGE, or they can be SMALL.  They can be IMPORTANT to the WORLD, or they can be IMPORTANT just to US!  What matters is the journey. It only matters that you dream the dream and seek to achieve the goal, and hopefully, you’ll make life a little better for someone along the way.

But Sherie, what if you’re so down, so bummed out, discouraged, financially broken, hurt, so depressed that you don’t know where to even start?  First of all, accept the truth that nothing changes without movement, and in order for movement to happen, YOU MUST TAKE A STEP FORWARD IN FAITH, IN HOPE AND IN TRUST.

Once you take that first step forward, trusting that something will happen, it will!  I know because I’ve been exactly where you are now. I’ve felt the quicksand-like fear holding me back.  I myself took life by the horns, redesigned my life, recreating my income and now work for myself!  You can do it too, or just get back on your feet enough to supplement your income. You may not believe in yourself right now, but I BELIEVE IN YOU!

If you have a dream but don’t know how to make it happen, I’d love to help you brainstorm a creative path to strike out on your journey.  Just put your name and email in the box over to the right for my FREE AUDIO GIFT to get you started.

To your new success,

SherieJan2015SuperMiniSherie Smith

Motivator, Speaker, Creative and Visionary Income Coach.

Life is a courageous journey!