Make Money Fast Creatively

Every time I’m asked “How can I make money quickly?”,  the person is really asking four questions:

  • – How Can I Make Money Fast?
  • – How Can I Be My Own Boss?
  • – How Can I Start Over Again Quickly?
  • – How Can I Find My Self Worth Again?

1.  First of all, be willing to think outside of the box Start by making a list of every task or activity you can think of that you can do to make money, either part-time or full-time.  Force yourself to think creatively.  Follow every idea down the wormhole until it comes to a complete dead end.  Only then do you stop pursuing that idea. Now, do the same thing with the next idea and so forth.

2.  Second, analyze those “wormhole” ideasTake all of those ideas and ask yourself, which ones do I know how to do and am I willing to do…every day…for as long as needed…to get back on my feet?  Now take that list and hone it down to the top three ideas that are best for you and the area where you live.

Work hard on this and be critical – be brutal.  Even though you love to surf, if you don’t live near the beach, that idea won’t work.  Just because you love being around horses, if you have severe allergies or hay fever, you might want to scratch that idea.  Don’t think you can give driving lessons if you don’t have a car.  Go over these ideas with a fine tooth comb until you find the top three ideas that are the best of the best.

They may not be the most glamorous.  They may not be fun.  They may not be something you want to do for the rest of your life.  That’s OK.  We’re just talking about jobs that will generate quick cash… your quick path to cash.  These quick cash jobs are the ones on which to focus your time and energy. These are your new multiple income streams.

3.  Third, spread the word.  Now that you’ve settled on the three best income ideas, tell everyone you know that you are starting a small service company to provide three much needed services to your area.  Your three ideas may be totally unrelated.  In that case, find a way to explain why they go together.  For instance, let’s say you want to run errands, clean houses and do some gardening.  You can say you realized there was a need for assistance to seniors or that you cater to real estate agents and homeowners getting homes ready for market.  Find some way to tie the three services you picked together under the same umbrella.  Now call and/or email everyone you know and ask them to tell everyone they know.  Ask them to help spread the word so you can kick this venture off quickly. Old-fashioned word of mouth is still the best method of advertising.

Next, get some inexpensive flyers or business cards made so people will have your number handy.  Call your local radio station and ask if they have a swapshop line or something similar where you can say  “I’m looking for work doing ___, ___ and ____ and I have ___(#) of spaces available.  My number is ____.”

The people calling won’t know whether you signed up one person or five.  That’s your business only  Small stations that still have swapshop lines will usually let individuals give their number out if they aren’t already established businesses just looking for free advertising.  Take whatever advantage you can, especially if you are anxious to get some money coming in quickly.

Now if you think you need help brainstorming ideas, remember I offer a FREE 15-minute BRAINSTORMING CALL.  I also offer one-on-one monthly coaching if you want to go past the free consult.  Just put your name and email in the box on the right side of this page and we’ll pick a time to talk.  If you are sitting there struggling, worrying, stressing – don’t wait.  Fill out the box NOW.  I promise, together we’ll come up with some great ideas to get you generating some quick cash.  I look forward to talking with you and helping you make this next year your very best.

To your rebirth, your recreation and your new success,

SherieJan2015SuperMiniSherie Smith