Negativity Is A Contagious Virus

Negativity is one of the most destructive emotions that comes into our lives.  It colors everything about us – our minds, our hearts, even our health.  Nothing can pull us down quite as effectively as Negativity.  It can be OUR negativity, or that of someone around us.

Remember that old phrase about “not letting one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?”  How can that happen?  The nasty gas given off by the spoiled part of the apple can ‘gas’ the others and start them rotting too.

The same thing can be said about Negativity.  If someone around you always makes negative comments,  soon you’ll be feeling bad and grumbling about something too.  Negativity is like a contagious virus – it can be easily spread from one to another.

Some people even tend to compete in Negativity competitions, did you know that?  One person in the office complains about having a terrible weekend.  The next thing you know, someone else will chime in, “You think that was bad, wait until you hear about MY weekend.”  Soon everyone in the room will have something negative to say, each trying to score for the ‘worse weekend’ in the office.  LOL

Don’t be dragged down by Negativity.  Instead always look for something good to say.  When you run into people during the day, always leave a comment of encouragement  or give them a compliment.  You’ll immediately see them smile and start to feel better about themselves.

Make it a game to say something nice to everyone you bump into during the day; the cashier at the grocery, the teller at the bank, etc.   You’ll make a huge difference in their lives and perhaps even help make an unpleasant job, just a little better for them.

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To you rebirth, recreation and new success journey,

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