Oh Crap, Now What

Change ButtonLIFE just ran head-on into you and knocked you flat on your butt. You feel like a Super Bowl quarterback who just got sacked by three players from the defensive team.  You gasp for air. Nothing happens.  Your breath is somewhere out on the field because it sure as heck isn’t inside your lungs.

You try to stand up but NO STABILITY!  Your brain is swirling like you’ve been on a crazy carnival ride like when you were a kid.  But you aren’t a kid anymore.  In your fogginess, you realize you’ve just been fired,  or laid off,  or divorced.  Oh crap, now what?

First of all don’t try to jump right up and get back in the game.  You need a little time to get your sea legs again.  It’s completely acceptable to take a little time to get your bearings and come up with a plan.  Now if you’re a younger adult you’ll probably just go find another 9-5 job, working for someone else, doing the same old thing, just like you’ve always done.  But, if you’ve ever said, “If I had to do it again, I’d _____” then THIS IS YOUR TIME!  You haven’t been fired, YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE!

What are you going to do?  Go back to school, find another job or try working for yourself?

Where are you going to go?  Stay where you are, go back “home” to what’s familiar or move somewhere you’ve always dreamed about living?

What’s the first step?  The first thing is to get relief from the fear that jumped up in your throat and is still there, threatening to make you vomit at any time.  (Sorry, but it IS a sickening fear!)  Don’t panic, just take a deep breath and try to calm down.  Deep breathing and meditation can help.  Prayer is a key player here too, if you’re so inclined.  Even if you think prayer isn’t for you, you might give it a try under these circumstances.  Take time to get “quiet within yourself” and get settled.  Only when your mind is settled and within that place of Silence, can you start thinking clearly enough to consider your options.  And don’t forget to take care of yourself – eat regularly, get out in the fresh air and move around, exercise is great for relieving stress and make sure you get some sleep so your brain will be at it’s best now.

What’s your strategy? This is the perfect time to redesign your future and go for something you’ve always wanted.  Dreams do come true.  Dreams do turn into reality.  It takes a little planning but you can have the life you’ve always wanted.  Now is the perfect time to make a change!

Is it all downhill from here?  Instead of this being the END of something, start looking at this as the BEGINNING!  You have choices now.  You’re a little more grown up with a lot more common sense.  You have more training, more experience, yes even more confidence and “pluck!”  Plus you have a brain and NOW is the time to start using it to benefit yourself, instead of your old boss.


I’d love to help you come up with a plan and brainstorm some ideas – it’s what I do!  LOL  You need to get some money coming in so you can pay your bills and take care of your family.  Plus, you want multiple income streams.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  But how are you going to find those income streams when all you hear about are crazy MLM offers, get-rich-quick schemes or the next great investment opportunity?

Well, let’s get clear on this right away.  I’m not pushing you toward any of those options.  I’m tell you to get creative – DESIGN YOUR OWN INCOME STREAMS!!!  How?  That’s what we’ll talk about, just you and me.

So, if we haven’t yet talked , just email me at SurviveSucceedSoar@gmail.com to schedule a Strategy Call.  I specialize in SUCCESS CONSULTING, turning people’s talents and experience into an OPPORTUNITY!

Remember, Regroup – Rethink – Recover!

That’s how you SURVIVE – SUCCEED – SOAR!

SherieJan2015SuperMiniSherie Smith

PS – Sherie also consults with small business owners, exploring creative ways to expand their business blueprint and speaks to groups to get them thinking out of the box about INCOME OPPORTUNITIES!  Again, Sherie can be reached directly at SurviveSucceedSoar@gmail.com