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Regardless of your faith, we are all connected.  We are all ‘one’ simply by virtue of our humanness.  For me, my personal spirituality has always been grounded by the earth:

  • the Florida woods through which I hiked growing up,
  • the salt and fresh waters through which we fished and boated and swam,
  • the pastures and trails over which I’ve ridden my horses through the years,
  • the sky above which brightens my days and nights with it’s pristine beauty,
  • each tree that I see during the day, it’s unique shape and color, and graceful reach for the heavens,
  • the stillness of nature all around me and extreme peace which never ceases to wash over me because of it.

I sincerely thank my Creator!  Whatever you believe, I hope you will ‘see with fresh eyes’ with true vision the world has for us each day.

We are blessed to live in a country of such grace and unmistakable beauty, if only we will ‘look with knowing and appreciative eyes.’

Regardless of your faith I hope at the very least, you will utter a soft ‘Thank You’ each morning for a new breath.

May you be profoundly blessed today and may you bless another by your actions,

SherieJan2015SuperMiniSherie Smith


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