Take Charge Of Your Attitude

Thumbs Up Thumbs Down“Take charge of your attitude. Don’t let someone else choose it for you.” ~ An Old Saying

Do you have that problem?  Someone is ALWAYS telling you what to do?  ALWAYS bossing you around?  Stop, for a moment, and think about the motive behind it.  Is it to make themselves look good?  Is it so they can feel they are in charge?  Or is it to HELP YOU?

Too often we take offense at even the slightest suggestion.  We take it as an affront, and we immediately go on the defense.  That won’t work in any way to bring you success and put you in a better place. Keep reading…

Is Your Setback an Endurance Race or an Adventurous Journey?

Success MottoWhy do some people react to disaster with whimpering and moaning and groaning?  Then there are others who stiffen their upper lip, pull their cap down tight on their forehead and trudge into the gale force winds?  One word – Mindset!

So what is your Mindset?  Are you a Moaner?  Or a Masterer?  I can’t make you one or the other.  All I can do is point out to YOU that there is a difference, and it is a difference which YOU CAN CONTROL.

Most often, those going through hardships forget THEY ARE IN CHARGE!   Oh yes, I know, you didn’t write your own pink slip, and you didn’t drive that delivery truck into the side your car.  But YOU CAN CONTROL THE SITUATION, and YOU CAN PREDICT THE OUTCOME! Keep reading…

Finding Happiness Is A Wise Investment Of Time

Finding HappinessRichard Carlson, in his book Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, asks, “Will this matter a year from now?”

Do you find yourself worrying over things you can’t control and can’t change?  What a giant waste of time!  It is far better to concentrate your energy and emotion on productive tasks.  Focus your thoughts and energies on finding happiness.

  • Is there a project you haven’t yet finished?
  • Or a new idea you’ve been thinking about?
  • Maybe there’s an idea a friend has mentioned to you?
  • Keep reading…

#1 Secret To Reaching Your Dream

Climb The MountainSo you’ve had a dream that’s been really important to you, but it’s been sitting on the back burner now for years, possibly even a decade or more. Every time you start working again toward your goal, something happens to set you back down.

You’ve had so many false starts you’ve stopped talking about it yourself. It’s getting harder to see it clearly and to believe in it yourself. You’re afraid family and friends will think you’re a failure.

What Went Wrong?

When you first started talking about your dream, your whole family cheered you on, slapping your back, “Yea, you can do it! Go for it!” Slowly that enthusiasm and support dwindled to an “Oh yea, that’s right, I do remember you talking about that.” Eventually it became, “Yea, right, I’ll believe it when I see it.” Keep reading…