Change Your Thoughts and Predict Your Future

It’s nearly Christmas…just a few days away. To help you celebrate, here’s a special Christmas video from my friend, Marnie Pehrson. All things are possible! Enjoy!

If Life has kicked you in the teeth recently, maybe you are finally ready to listen, learn and seek a change!

“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life,yes…even Change Your FUTURE”.  Most people don’t realize it, but you can actually predict your future based on your thoughts and actions.

Lost your job? 

Overwhelmed by out of control bills? 

Need to make more money? 

Starting over again? 

Want to be your own boss?

No matter what challenges, adversities or setbacks have knocked you to your knees, you are NOT alone. Even more importantly, you are NOT going to stay down. Decide to rise again and recreate yourself in ways you never dreamed possible.

Look inside and discover your new self-worth. You have talents and skills and creativity and experience that you don’t even realize. Put them all to work NOW to create earning power… to create a quick cash path… so you can start taking care of yourself and your family again.

Traumatic issues like job loss, personal illness, family responsibilities and extreme debt have caused millions of hard-working people across the country to lose their homes, their savings, sometimes even their self-worth. In their desire to give their family a better lifestyle, they’ve charged too many things, lived on credit far too long and now are overextended BIG TIME! Even with a job, they probably had trouble paying their bills. But now, to make matters worse, they may have lost long-time careers, retirement plans, and even family savings.

People are struggling with unexpected personal and family responsibility. Baby boomers are facing tough decisions about how to best advise and care for aging parents. Some middle-aged and even senior baby boomers are even rearing grandchildren. All of these troubles are just more proof of our modern society’s economic crisis.

  • We live too high on the hog, even when we do have a good job.
  • Our society stopped learning how to save money and live frugally.
  • A crisis occurs and then the downward spiral begins.
  • How will you adjust your spending?
  • How will you get through this?
  • What will you do for the future?
  • How can you take care of yourself and your family?

It’s ALL up to YOU! But don’t worry – you can change your life! You can find your fastest path to survive this current setback, recreate new income sources and rediscover your personal value.

You can begin putting positive energy actions into place to redirect your financial security. You’ll have money coming in, from multiple income sources, all positive directional changes toward your new success. You’ll see doors and opportunities opening all around you. But first, you must do ONE THING!

No, not buy something! This is not a get rich quick website. It has nothing at all to do with that. I’m not pitching you an MLM or the hottest new product. But I am throwing you a LIFELINE!!!

Your future has everything to do with YOU and whether you grab that lifeline or not. How do you perceive yourself? How creative and smart about your situation can you be?

My advice to you right now? Suck it up! Put your big britches on, wash your face and comb your hair. Look at yourself in the mirror! Look directly into your eyes and SMILE back at yourself! If you have the courage to seek a change, your life will never be the same again!

Regardless of your situation, HOPE IS NOT LOST! You have great personal and contributional value hiding inside that you probably don’t even know is there. But together, we will find it, then begin cultivating and growing it.

Yes, I’ll help you find your PATH TO SURVIVAL from your current setback. It’s time for a payback, and that payback will come straight to you. You’ll make the decision to succeed and in the process you’ll learn to soar higher than ever before! I’m not pitching you anything on the call. We’ll simply be brainstorming ideas to help you get on with your life.

“The fastest way to get to nowhere is to do nothing!” ~Martin Fretwell

“TAKE ACTION NOW!” Grab this FREE OFFER while it’s available. Let’s brainstorm your path to new income and get you moving upwards again. The choice is yours! Remember…Nothing Changes Without ACTION! So step out and take action today!

Is Your Setback an Endurance Race or an Adventurous Journey?

Success MottoWhy do some people react to disaster with whimpering and moaning and groaning?  Then there are others who stiffen their upper lip, pull their cap down tight on their forehead and trudge into the gale force winds?  One word – Mindset!

So what is your Mindset?  Are you a Moaner?  Or a Masterer?  I can’t make you one or the other.  All I can do is point out to YOU that there is a difference, and it is a difference which YOU CAN CONTROL.

Most often, those going through hardships forget THEY ARE IN CHARGE!   Oh yes, I know, you didn’t write your own pink slip, and you didn’t drive that delivery truck into the side your car.  But YOU CAN CONTROL THE SITUATION, and YOU CAN PREDICT THE OUTCOME! Keep reading…

San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, Quarterback Destiny Meets Superbowl Opportunity

Super Bowl Football Can you tell the 2013 Super Bowl is almost here?  LOL  Everywhere you look there are advertisements that revolve around the Super Bowl.  I mean, they are everywhere!  They hang from buildings, are posted on windows, hang from highway overpasses, are bumper stickers on cars, light up the highways on billboards…just everywhere you turn.

So tonight my husband wanted to talk about the Super Bowl, but I’m not really a crazed football fanatic. So, over dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, he decided to share something about the big game that he thought I’d find interesting.  Boy, was he right.

Only if you’ve been sitting with your head in the sand do you NOT know that the San Francisco 49ers will take on the Baltimore Ravens in the big game coming up.  Well, I don’t have a dog in that hunt so I was only half-way listening – I’ll admit it.  But he keep talking about the teams and soon my “inspiration” radar starting going off big time. Keep reading…

Every Great Dream Begins With A Dreamer

Dreams Hopes Desires“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~Harriet Tubman

This is an inspiring and insightful quote by Harriet Tubman.  But I like to add my version…

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer who isn’t afraid of the journey.”

Everyone can dream, that’s not the news-flash here.  Everyone can dream, regardless of their economics, education, location, IQ, age, or stature in life.

It’s the fact that a great dream has to come from somewhere.  It must be ‘birthed somewhere. Keep reading…

Step Away From Obligations

BoilingPotThere is a proper time to step away from OBLIGATION. I know that comment will make a few heads roll, but just hear me out. Do you have a tendency to say Yes all the time? Do you feel it’s your DUTY to say Yes and EVERYTHING? If you do, chances are you’re a female, because that’s the way we ladies are wired. Now if you’re a male and have the same feeling, then I applaud you, because you’re saying Yes out of Responsibility which is admirable. (Not always wise, but certainly admirable.)

Listen, we all have plenty to deal with just taking care of ourselves and our family. When we try to take on more stress than we need to, our positive energy soon turns into negative energy. When that happens, uh-oh! Everybody better get back out of the way! The pot is fixing to boil over, and then everyone around us will start picking up on those negative vibes too. Keep reading…

#1 Secret To Reaching Your Dream

Climb The MountainSo you’ve had a dream that’s been really important to you, but it’s been sitting on the back burner now for years, possibly even a decade or more. Every time you start working again toward your goal, something happens to set you back down.

You’ve had so many false starts you’ve stopped talking about it yourself. It’s getting harder to see it clearly and to believe in it yourself. You’re afraid family and friends will think you’re a failure.

What Went Wrong?

When you first started talking about your dream, your whole family cheered you on, slapping your back, “Yea, you can do it! Go for it!” Slowly that enthusiasm and support dwindled to an “Oh yea, that’s right, I do remember you talking about that.” Eventually it became, “Yea, right, I’ll believe it when I see it.” Keep reading…