Thankfulness How To Express Yours

As I write this, Christmas day is slowly winding down and moving toward midnight.  We’re worn out from all of today’s merriment and excitement.  We realize that in years to come, Christmas’s will be quieter and, yes, even lonelier as the grandchildren grow up.  But for today, we’re contented to enjoy “to the max”,  the three little ones in our family.

It’s been a very long but wonderful day.  We have satiated ourselves with good food…   specially chosen gifts for our loves ones…  laughter with friends…  and memories to reflect on in later years.  I’m totally frazzled, but I’m still too excited to head off to bed.  LOL

Even our two rescue cats are worn out from “helping” with the gift wrapping last night.  Our Great Pyrenees is settled in his bed, and I’m sure he’s thankful to be in out of the cold.  Today’s frigid rain will turn into light snow showers tomorrow so a nice warm night is a humble gift for our animals.

What was your gift to family and friends?  To those creatures who look to you for their care?   To you yourself!

I hope you truly looked at those who have captured your heart with new thankfulness, and said a special prayer for their health and well-being for 2013.  I know I did.

Life Is Precious

Life is precious – especially in today’s world.  Too often we take every day for granted, just because we are busy with the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Life Is Short

Life is short – tomorrow could be gone in an instant, in the blink of an eye, as they say.  I tried hard today to take periodic moments to capture the excitement and love that filled our hearts, in our daughter’s giant family room today.  it was abuzz with giggles and oohs and ahhs.  It was noisy and hectic.  It was loud and rambunctious at times.  It was WONDERFUL!

The stress and traumatic changes that came my way in 2008 changed me.  That and the subsequent year of adjustment and rebirth and recreation of myself, that is.

Now I try extremely hard to capture all of these happy scenes whenever they happen around me.  I want to be able to pull them back up out of my memory to savor on quiet days ahead.

My heart is full beyond a reasonably description tonight.  (It you don’t know my story, just click the Meet Sherie up in the menu)  I’m sure that must have been the way Mary and Joseph felt all those years ago.  The earthy smell of fresh hay and the physical warmth of the stable animals must have warmed their bodies and their hearts.

How different and miserable it could have been, but how warm and magical it must have been.  I wish for you the magical of experiences in 2013.  How will that be, especially if you’re struggling now?

Why not look to the New Year with a determination to create your own merriment and joy in 2013?  You CAN do that, you know.  You can decide what you WANT to change in your life.  Set forth affirmations that 2013 will open a new stage of your life.  New opportunities will magically open around you, even new successes with each achievement.

Drop me an email at:  and share what you consider to be your biggest goal for 2013!  I promise I’ll be here to support you in that goal!  (Don’t forget to put your name and email in the box to the right for your FREE gift from me.)

Have a wonderful, blessed and especially safe Christmas season!

To your rebirth, recreation and new success!

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